The design team forming the core of Tumay design group exists since 1985 as design office within Koray Group and is established as an independent architectural office ‘Tumay Design’ in 2001.

Between 1985 and 2000 many of the prestigious high rise buildings in Istanbul were designed by Haluk Tumay with his design team.

The Landmark for the early high rise buildings in Istanbul at mid 80 was Yapi Kredi Plaza with the concept of the intelligent building at Maslak axis, the financial district of Istanbul where most of the financial and multinational enterprises have their Headquarters.

Yapi kredi Plaza was followed by Sabanci Center, Yapi Kredi Headquarters, Headquarters for Demirbank, Headquarters for Finansbank and Industrial Investment Bank at the same district underlining the skyline of Buyukdere Avenue.

The main goal of Haluk Tumay is the outstanding design feature tailored for every single obligation to satisfy even the most fastidious client. Moscow tax office building is a celebrated project abroad completed completed in cooperation with Mosproject. The strategie of the design incorporates the coordination between the various trades and the detailing to enable a superb finishing works.

We are confident that the company will try and succeed to continue its justified fame for the high rise and prestigious projects.

Since 2010, Tümay Management is operating in areas of tourism and hotel consultancy. Tümay Management has provided many cooperations between Marriot, SBE, Cipriani, Billionaire brands and investors in Turkey.